Research Spotlight


[3rd story of 2021 from our Group is out.] The script is about The electroanalytical scrutiny of selectivity trends for the electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose in a half-cell vs. direct alkaline fuel cell. This is a joint work with Yaovi’s former PhD laboratory.! Full text here.


[2nd story of 2021 from our Group is out.] The script is about garden compost microbial fuel cell operating with a nano-arrays of platinum particles directly grown onto a 3D-carbon felt electrode as a bifunctional material to grow an electroactive biofilm and also perform efficiently ORR. I am particularly proud of this new story of our group accounted in JES, the flagship journal of electrochemists because a child is always proud when (s)he comes home, or any expatriate always feels comfortable when (s)he goes back to home country. Congratulations to Widya (already PhD)! Full text is freely available here.


[1st story of 2021 from our Group is out.] It is from our research project PANiNi & Co. The script is about being able to engineer advanced nanostructured materials for H2 production in water electrolyzers via on-demand production of oxide or metal electrocatalysts. Congratulations to Razik (PhD intern)! Full text is freely available thanks to Polymers of MDPI for the invite and paying for us the open-access fees here.


A new story from our Group is out. The script is about a synthesis strategy in which the change of 1 experimental parameter produces 3 types of bismuth-based nano-structured materials: metal, oxy-hydroxide, and oxide. The engineered novel catalytic materials allowed a breakthrough for on-site and electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide from oxygen of the air. Congratulations to Paul (MSc intern)! Full text Here


Our project PANiNi & Co has released its 3rd article. The story is about the chemical polymerization of aniline into polyaniline in the presence of nickel‐cobalt salts PLUS calcination to engineer self‐supported electrocatalysts for HER, OER & water splitting. Congratulations to Razik (PhD intern)! Full text Here

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