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IEM – UMR 5635, Univ Montpellier, ENSCM, CNRS

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A new story from our Group is out. The script is about a synthesis strategy in which the change of 1 experimental parameter produces 3 types of bismuth-based nano-structured materials: metal, oxy-hydroxide, and oxide. The engineered novel catalytic materials allowed a breakthrough for on-site and electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide from oxygen of the air.Continue reading “Research”


Our project PANiNi & Co has released its 3rd article. The story is about the chemical polymerization of aniline into polyaniline in the presence of nickel‐cobalt salts PLUS calcination to engineer self‐supported electrocatalysts for HER, OER & water splitting. Congratulations to Razik (PhD intern)! Full text Here

Cover Spotlight

Our recent story about galvanic replacement reaction of silver by gold to yield nanoalloyed and nanocages particles on gas diffusion electrodes is featured on Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congratulations to Rihab (MSc intern)! Full text Here

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