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IEM – UMR 5635, Univ Montpellier, ENSCM, CNRS

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Research Spotlight

[3rd story of 2021 from our Group is out.] The script is about The electroanalytical scrutiny of selectivity trends for the electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose in a half-cell vs. direct alkaline fuel cell. This is a joint work with Yaovi’s former PhD laboratory.! Full text here. – [2nd story of 2021 from our Group is…

Members Spotlight

[15-March-2021] We are pleased to welcome Emeric Lavoine to the group as MSc Internship! More details about his background and project here – [01-March-2021] We are pleased to welcome Katia Badjadj and Charlène Garau to the group, respectively as MSc Internship and Analytical Chemistry Engineer! More details about their backgrounds and projects here – [01-October-2020]…

Cover Spotlight

Our recent story about galvanic replacement reaction of silver by gold to yield nanoalloyed and nanocages particles on gas diffusion electrodes is featured on Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congratulations to Rihab (MSc intern)! Full text Here

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