I think we ought to expand our view of what electrochemistry is about. It is not just about electrode potentials and electrolysis, it is half of modern chemistry… Electrochemistry ― in the broadest sense ― will be one of the great achievements in chemistry in the next millennium, and one should prepare our people for it.” Prof. Peter William Atkins, one of the best chemistry educators of our era

From Broadening Electrochemical Horizons: Principles and Illustration of Voltammetric and Related Techniques, page 3, Alan M. Bond, Oxford University Press Inc., New York, USA, 2002.

Our contribution to (CHEMICAL) education

  • Since September 2016: Electrochemistry (BSc & MSc, 189h/year) at ENS Chimie Montpellier. All aspects of electrochimical sciences from theoretical courses to Lab sessions, whereby students, in groups of 2-3, work with the most modern equipment and software. Being the future chemical engineers, we coach them in their questioning (why and how) on the implementation of electrochemistry’s theoretical concepts. For example, how to switch from the Butler-Volmer equation to either a car running on fuel cells or a ship with a corrosion-resistant hull!
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