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Ex nihilo nihil fit: We gratefully acknowledge the public and private organizations below for funding and/or supporting our research as well as the non-listed ones such as Campus France, GDR Or-nano, etc. which specifically provide financial support for incoming and outgoing research mobilities of inter-national researchers and our group members.

Funding Schemes

  • Project NANOGATE, 2023-2024 (1.5 y), in the framework of Montpellier University of Excellence (I-SITE). Role: PI. This single PI flagship scheme towards the ERC focuses on deciphering the synchronous motions of electrons, atoms and ions during galvanic replacement reactions, regardless of the fact that the displacement is a target (porous multi-metallic nanostructures) or an undesirable (corrosion damages) process.

  • Project MASTERS, 2022-2026 (3.5 y), in the framework of ANR JCJC (project number: ANR-22-CE43-0004). Role: PI (Coordinator). This single PI and early career grant focuses on the uncharted territory of green and paired electrosynthesis by electrocatalysis together with galvanic replacement reactions to selectively electro-convert the cellulosic biomass into valuable chemicals and fuels while elucidating the dynamics of galvanic replacement reactions.


  • Project MONIA, 2022-2025 (3 y), in the framework of “Défi-clé « Hydrogène vert »” of Région Occitanie. Role: PI (Coordinator). Consortium of 4 partners dedicated to decarbonized electrocatalytic electrosynthesis of ammonia.

  • Project GREENH3, 2022-2026 (4 y), in the framework of “PEPR Hydrogène décarboné” of France (Project number: ANR-22-PEHY-0015). Role: Partner. Consortium of 8 partners dedicated to (photo)electrochemical production of ammonia from direct N2 conversion.

  • Project CALEX4H2, CNRS PEPS Energie 2021-2022, France. Role: PI. Collaboration with the group of Dr. Hazar Guesmi, Theoretical calculations, ICGM, Montpellier, France
  • Project ELECTROFUEL, CNRS PEPS Energie 2019-2020, France. Role: PI.

  • Pre-maturation project Waste2H2, SATT AxLR, France 2021-2022. Role: PI. Collaboration with Prof. David Cornu.

  • Project REMEC, Institut Carnot Chimie BALARD CIRIMAT, 2020-2022 (2 years), France. Role: co-PI. Collaboration with the group of Prof. Christine ENJALBAL, Analytical Chemistry, IBMM, Montpellier, France.

  • Project MASTERS2, LabEx/LabUM 2022, France. Role: PI.
  • Project ELECTROVAL, Lab’MUSE Chimie Stages 2020 ( implementation in 2021), France. Role: PI.
  • Project Helectrospin2, LABEX CHEMISYST STAGES 2018 (implementation in 2019), France. Role: PI.

  • Project COGENFC, PAT-Energy-Axis-2018, startup funds support from European Institute of Membranes of Montpellier 2018-2019, France. Role: PI.

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