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Ex nihilo nihil fit: We gratefully acknowledge the public and private organizations below for funding and/or supporting our research as well as the non-listed ones such as Campus France, GDR Or-nano, etc. which specifically provide financial support for incoming and outgoing research mobilities of inter-national researchers and our group members.

Funding Schemes

  • Project MASTERS, 2022-2026, in the framework of ANR JCJC. Role: PI (Coordinator). This single PI and early career grant focuses on the uncharted territory of green and paired electrosynthesis by electrocatalysis together with galvanic replacement reactions to selectively electro-convert the cellulosic biomass into valuable chemicals and fuels while elucidating the dynamics of galvanic replacement reactions.


  • Project MONIA, 2022-2025, in the framework of “Défi-clé « Hydrogène vert »” of Région Occitanie. Role: PI (Coordinator). Consortium of 4 partners dedicated to decarbonized electrocatalytic electrosynthesis of ammonia.

  • Project GREENH3, 2022-2026, in the framework of “PEPR Hydrogène décarboné” of France. Role: Partner. Consortium of 8 partners dedicated to (photo)electrochemical production of ammonia from direct N2 conversion.

  • Project CALEX4H2, CNRS PEPS Energie 2021-2022, France. Role: PI. Collaboration with the group of Dr. Hazar Guesmi, Theoretical calculations, ICGM, Montpellier, France
  • Project ELECTROFUEL, CNRS PEPS Energie 2019-2020, France. Role: PI.

  • Pre-maturation project Waste2H2, SATT AxLR, France 2021-2022. Role: PI. Collaboration with Prof. David Cornu.

  • Project REMEC, Institut Carnot Chimie BALARD CIRIMAT, 2020-2022 (2 years), France. Role: co-PI. Collaboration with the group of Prof. Christine ENJALBAL, Analytical Chemistry, IBMM, Montpellier, France.

  • Project MASTERS2, LabEx/LabUM 2022, France. Role: PI.
  • Project ELECTROVAL, Lab’MUSE Chimie Stages 2020 ( implementation in 2021), France. Role: PI.
  • Project Helectrospin2, LABEX CHEMISYST STAGES 2018 (implementation in 2019), France. Role: PI.

  • Project COGENFC, PAT-Energy-Axis-2018, startup funds support from European Institute of Membranes of Montpellier 2018-2019, France. Role: PI.

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